Tatiana Baskin

Toronto GAPS Practitioner

The GAPS™ Diet

The GAPS™ Story

GAPS™ stands for Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome. GAPS is a condition which establishes a connection between functions of the brain, the digestive system and the immune system.

GAPS™ Conditions

The practical applications of the GAPS™ Nutritional Program first used for psychological conditions were also extended to other physiological conditions: autoimmune, endocrine, etc.

Theory & Science

The GAPS™ Nutritional Program is based on theories which have achieved great popularity in the scientific community and been confirmed by various studies. Click to read more about these stuides.

How the GAPS™ Diet Works

The GAPS™ Nutritional Program includes three important components:

1. Diet
2. Supplementation
3. Detoxification and Lifestyle Changes

The Diet

The GAPS™ diet focuses on the consumption of natural foods which help to kick start the body’s natural healing process and restores beneficial gut flora (homemade organic broths, stocks, soups, meat, fish and fermented vegetables).
It works by removing foods that are difficult to digest and processed products. We have to take the burden off of the digestive system allowing it to heal.


My Journey With GAPS

My name is Tatiana Baskin and I am a qualified specialist in natural medicine.

My path to nutritional practice is not common. Usually most people begin to study and practice natural medicine because they are unable to solve their own health problems with conventional doctors and drugs.

Medical professionals are beginning to use unconventional therapies, and sometimes completely switching to natural methods, in search of a gentle, humane and effective treatment, often disillusioned with the practiced symptomatic therapy. That is therapy directed not to treat the disease, but only to eliminate the symptoms…

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