Nutritional Program

The GAPS™ Nutritional Program includes three important components:



Detoxification & Lifestyle Changes

The Diet

The GAPS™ diet focuses on the consumption of natural foods which help to kick start the body’s natural healing process and restore beneficial gut flora (homemade organic broths, stocks, soups, meat, fish and fermented vegetables).

It is working by removing foods that are difficult to digest and processed products. We have to take the burden off of the digestive system allowing for healing.  One of the important points is removal of all grains.  It is thought that these foods are difficult for the body to digest, and undigested grains provide a perfect food for pathogenic bacteria.

The diet only includes carbohydrates that are easy to digest (vegetables, ripe fruits, honey and homemade fermented diary).

The GAPS™ diet means an individual approach. Despite the fact that two main options include: “Introduction Diet” with 6 stages and “The Full Diet”, only the  client’s condition and symptoms determine which phase of the diet to introduce.  One person may be able to start the Full GAPS Diet, but others may need to start with the GAPS Introduction Diet, sometimes it is the most beneficial – mixing between the two.


GAPS™ programme focused on appropriate diet. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride recommends keeping supplements to a minimum.

She writes in her book: “…a lot of supplements may irritate an already inflamed and damaged gut lining and interfere with the healing process. You do not want to put a lot of effort into implementing the diet and then spoil the whole process by a pill.”

However, some supplements could be beneficial and even essential.

The supplement protocol may include:

  •   An effective therapeutic strength probiotic
  •   Essential fatty acids
  •   Cod liver oil
  •   Digestive Enzymes
  •   Vitamins and minerals
  •   Other specific supplements (neurotransmitter boosters, amino acids, iodine paint, Ox Bile concentrate…)

Detoxification and Lifestyle Changes

Despite our modern toxic world, we survive thanks to our own detoxification system in the body.

A healthy liver and others constituent parts of this system is able to cope with these every day toxins. However in a GAPS people (which are in most cases deficient in appropriate nutrients in order to maintain healthy detoxification) the detoxification system is overburdened and overworked.  That’s why GAPS programme incorporates methods to reduce toxic load and improve natural detoxification.

Lifestyle changes include the use of non –toxic personal and household products, sun-bathing, physical activities and special procedures – all individually selected and recommended to meet your specific needs.