All diseases begin in the gut

Services (in person or via Skype)

Services/ Time/ Fee

What to expect


15 minutes




The objective of the consultation (in person, or via Skype):


1. Determine whether your problem can be solved using GAPS.
2. Receive initial forms to fill before consultation.


Initial consultation

1.5 hour consultation with 1 month for recommendations and Email sessions for questions and answers.

Price: $255 CAD



The main objective of the consultation:


1. Explain to you what the cause of your problems are after reviewing your symptoms and health history.
2. Give you step by step instructions, following which you will be able to start solving your health problems.
You will receive the following recommendations:

  • What diet to follow?
  • What kind of supplements you need?
  • What daily routine you should follow?
  • What chemicals you should avoid?

Within 1-2 weeks after the consultation, you will receive a detailed report that will include the following sections:

1. Description of all the stages for the recommended diet.
2. List of permitted and prohibited foods.
3. Basic recipes.
4. A typical menu.
5. Recommendations on supplements.
6. Recommendations for the use of cosmetics and household chemicals.
7. Description of special procedures.

This report will allow you to always have on hand all the information you need to strictly follow the recommendations received.
If after receiving the report you have any questions, within 2 weeks, you can send me Emails with any questions for free.

Follow-up consultation

30 minutes
Price: $75 CAD



The objectives of these consultations:


1. Further explanation and tuning up for your diet.
2. Discussing any challenges that you may be facing.
3. Additional testing recommendations if necessary.

Package for continuous support

3 months

(save more than $75)

Price: $375 CAD



The Package:


1. Initial consultation.

2. 3 follow-up meetings, scheduled at agreed intervals as needed.

3. Sessions by e-mail for the questions and answers.

Group meeting

1.5-2 hours
Price: $15 CAD
Fee is listed for each participant


The group meetings could be organized for at least 5 people.


Please, let me know if you want to have group meetings by e-mail:

Group meetings package

1.5-2 hours each within 1 year

(save $30)

Price: $150 CAD

Fee is listed for each participant


12 meetings

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